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At Filmswork UK and Digital Filmswork Thailand, our corporate clients are never treated as property but as people. Rarely do we ask to display our work, however, johann Signature of Paris France gave us authority to display their artwork and website. johann informed us the final product exceeded expectations by far, with great artwork, movies and perfect corporate colour coordination.

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All the tools you need to plan and define a design project are aggregated in one central place at Filmswork UK or Digital Filmswork Thailand. Our Visual Brief provides you with a comprehensive canvas for design project briefing, making the whole process smoother and much more transparent. What was scattered before is now efficiently centralized in a client page (if required) which is passworded for peace of mind.
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Define your design hopes

visual mock-ups

Using words to communicate visually with preferences can be difficult as it is misleading. Our visual brief enables clients to voice their suggestions and expectations in a visual way using our mock-ups and films. Filmswork shows, not just says, what we hope will be your final design project.

Save precious

Our brief pages provide the client with a large and regularly updated database filled with ideas, design examples and suggestions including live interactive elements. Quickly choose references that best suit your project’s type, audience and type of business. Accelerate the research and scouting process and save, at long last, precious time and money!
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Working in conjunction

Studio A

100% Royalty-Free
All tracks provided by Studio A come with the right to use them royalty free for personal or commercial projects. There are absolutely no hidden fees.

Studio G

100% Royalty-Free
Studio G plays a heavy role in the production of films, analyzing all aspects to any business is part of its role in producing the right finish to your film project.

Studio F

100% Royalty-Free
All films provided by Studio F come with the right to use them royalty free for personal or commercial projects. There are absolutely no hidden fees

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