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STUDIO A for all audio related requirements

Filmswork studio A has a vast library containing hundreds of thousands of music tracks, sound effects, and loops for use in projects. All tracks are included with any film project compiled by studio F. Matching tempo and genre to different types of film content can be difficult for those with little or no experience, but studio A takes the worry away matching content to audio with passion.


Need a digital voice over

We create mp3 or wave files for use in film and websites. Take a look at our new 'WHITEBOARD' business tool and hear a typical voice over using an English male from the south of England. All files are presented in stereo with zero background noise, 32bit with 44000mhz sampling. This feature is a corporate must have in any tongue!
Filmswork VOICEOVERS are an essential tool that simply is the best way to get your message clearly across to audiences, using clear spoken digitally re-sampled voices  Audio Studio voice 1 2
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    Unlimited Genres
    We freely try genres until there’s one matching the spirit of your film.
  • 02
    Audio Range
    Filmswork has the widest range of audio to film presets which match any subject matter. We know what we're doing with over 20 years in audio.
  • 03
    We make sure the tempo selected matches perfectly to your film, from a car showroom to a bank, to a corporate operation. We know what to do!
  • 04
    Filmswork makes it simple with the following film insertion categories: Music, Sound SFX and Loops.
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    Royalty Free
    All of Filmswork content can be used multiple times for commercial and personal projects.
  • 06
    Our business model gives you way more content for your money. Offering a flexible budget to help your plan.

What's in a Genre?

A music genre is a conventional category that identifies some pieces of music as belonging to a shared tradition or set of conventions. It is to be distinguished from musical form and musical style, although in practice these terms are sometimes used interchangeably. Here’s some of the genre’s we use in films:

  •  Dramatic
  •  Instrumental
  •  Hard Rock & Heavy
  •  Classical
  •  Cinematic
  •  Easy Listening

Genre’s can also be categorized into moods like

  •  Aggressive
  •  Happy and Upbeat

And finally, each of these audio tracks is placed in categories for easy selection

  •  Music
  •  Loops
  •  Sfx (sound/ noise e.g, door slamming)
Filmswork knows its beat, do you?  Audio Studio audio 1 4
Filmswork Studio A is a world one ventures to every time  Audio Studio 12
Skilful Studio A

Modern digital audio creativity.

Studio A inserts audio into your film, using sound genre, tempo and categories to set the mood. If a logo opener is required, then an audio track with a short length is used, however, if a product launch is what you need; then a longer track may be necessary. Loops literally do as their category states and are great for photo films or background music to a documentary and we edit the audio with fade in or fade out if required.
AUDIO Speciality

Here at Filmswork, we are free to listen to what we love.

We create experiences where people can connect with brands the same way they connect with each other. Once they hear the audio, they never forget!

Take a look at what's available

Filmswork audio animals play hard  Audio Studio audio 1 3

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