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Studio H is an internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Studio H provides space on a server for use by clients, with additional key features like FTP transfers, Data storage and mailboxes. Studio H can also provide data centre space and connectivity to the Internet for other servers located in their data centre, called colocation, also known as Housing.
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Dual Purpose

Serves One Goal

Using Studio H for your hosting needs could be the next best thing since sliced bread. We utilize two huge servers, one in the United States of America and the other in the United Kingdom. With geographically sensitive hosting you get:
• Fast Website Loading
• Near Zero Lag
• Unlimited Mailbox Sizes on Premium Accounts
• Full Control Panel for Websites
• Website Backups
• Optional Data Storage is Available (subject to terms and conditions)

Hosting that’s
triangulated for speed

We’ve gone the extra mile on hosting websites, with two servers geologically placed 11 hours apart on the globe. As an international trading company, we set about offering options that reflect the virtues of great practice. By placing websites geographically to create caption areas, that also give rise to powerful web traps once these sites are connected to social media accounts and blogs thus triangulating your site for powerful SEO Search Engine Optimization.
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Comfortable and easy control panel access for websites 100%
Ease of use FTP access 100%
Access speed from remote zones 85%

Working in conjunction

Studio A

100% Royalty-Free
All tracks provided by Studio A come with the right to use them royalty free for personal or commercial projects. There are absolutely no hidden fees.

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100% Royalty-Free
Studio G plays a heavy role in the production of films, analyzing all aspects to any business is part of its role in producing the right finish to your film project.

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100% Royalty-Free
All films provided by Studio F come with the right to use them royalty free for personal or commercial projects. There are absolutely no hidden fees

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