Meet Filmswork Thailand Weddings.
More memorable design

Brand new updated Digital Filmswork Thailand contains even more fancy features, customization options and stylish details to improve your wedding photo film.

New transitions

Sequence splicing
Our ability to create a single film with multiple scenes, each scene is seamlessly spliced into the next using beautiful transitions from dazzling stars to light flares

More compatibility

Multiple format coding
Coding – with options that allow these beautifully crafted films to be uploaded onto multiple platforms from Vimeo, YouTube or even in true 1080p HD and more

Photos or film

Traditional yet advanced
Don’t hold your films back, with photographs we can also insert videos of your moments into the motion picture, bringing the whole experience to life.
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Portfolios present

Options for more digital media content
New options to manage films and photo portfolio’s, galleries, blog’s and wedding shop pages, when you build a site using Filmswork studioW

Elaborate Social Call-outs

Create magazine-style layouts
Don’t be grouped into the restrictive design, Filmswork Thailand ‘weddings’ can offer balanced magazine-style layouts or scenes within a single moving image.

Photographic grunge

Present your photographs with unique styling
Why restrict your photos to the originals, when we can turn your photos into works of art using formats like oil painting, grunge or line art.

Shop around

Research on the internet
At Filmswork UK ‘weddings’, we work to offer unique content and effects. There are other companies claiming to be the best but we claim to be different.
Filmswork Thailand


Are you ready to use this powerful tool for photo to photo-slide film creation? Multiple options and advanced customization features help to transpose your photographs into a stylish modern wedding motion picture effortlessly. Filmswork ‘Weddings’ includes multiple custom pre-set designs which are manipulated for uniqueness – select a style from classical, contemporary or grunge. Filmswork will move immediately to complete, code, upload and take your breath away whether it be a photo album or a website.
New pre-set films ready for use.
Audio tracks with all genre's
Photo formatting styles
Websites with a wedding theme

"Everything is so beautiful when you stop looking for flaws".