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STUDIO F for fast motion design

Get ready to use a powerful tool in creating motion design and films. Studio F presents multiple options and advanced customization features that help to create stylish and versatile films effortlessly. It uses vast libraries with pre-set designs to improve the speed of development and reduce costs – Studio F selects the correct file format whether it’s a casino promotion or an APP launch and places your text with royalty-free content making it unique to you complete with free licensing.

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Studio F, we are fast with motion design work

Creating experiences where people visually connect with brands the same way they connect with each other. Once they see your film, they never forget!
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    Unlimited Effects
    We freely match styles to your message for services, products or individual.
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    Filmswork has the widest range of film presets which match any subject matter. Easy to execute, we can deploy films in virtually all film formats.
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    We make sure the style selected matches perfectly to content, from a car showroom to a bank, to a corporate operation. We know what to do!
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    Filmswork makes it simple with a unique styling sequence from an opener, logo intro and even a complete broadcast package.
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    Royalty Free
    All of Filmswork content can be used multiple times for commercial and personal projects complete with FULL licensing.
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    Our business model gives you way more content for your money. Allowing you to flex your budget for greater impact.

Prepare for Studio Integration

Using Studio F significantly reduces costs and in some cases allows you to meet project deadlines if time is of the essence. The films produced are ideal for website insertion, an in-house presentation or even as a PowerPoint alternative that captivates audiences.
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  •  Video Production & Editing
  •  Film to Website Insertion
  •  Branding Strategy & Identity
  •  Product Releases
  •  Enhance Service Demonstrations
  •  Correct Audio Genre & Tempo
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Studio F impacts

Visual creativity that's outstanding.

Use Studio F to make a film about any subject matter. Once completed, it can be inserted into a website with the highest flexibility in encoding. From a small mobile size to FULL 1080p High Definition films, delivery is fast via the internet.

Look at what we did for Studio G

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